Isolated Digital I/O Board for PCI

This board is interface board of the PCI bus conformity which outputs and inputs digital signal.
The opening-and-closing state of a switch can be inputted, or a relay can be controlled.
The application software for Windows can be created by the various programming languages which are supporting Win32API functions, such as Visual Basic, and Visual C/C++, by using attached API function library [API-PAC(W32)].

  • A maximum of 32 input and maximum of 32 output can be performed on board.
  • With common composition of  16ch unit, it can respond to different external power supply.
  • Since it is electrically insulated by Opto-isolated, PCI bus side and I/O signal interface part are excellent in noise-proof nature.
  • 4ch in input signal can be used as interruption input.
    Moreover, the edge of the incoming signal which generates interruption can also be chosen.
  • It has the digital filter function in which the noise and chattering of input signal can be prevented.
  • Rating of output signal is maximum DC35V and 100mA per point.
API Function Library

The bundled CD-ROM "API Function Library Package APIPAC(W32)"
API-PAC(W32) is the library software that provides the commands for CONTEC hardware products in the form of
Windows standard Win32 API functions (DLL).
It makes it easy to create high-speed application software taking advantage of the CONTEC hardware using various
programming languages that support Win32 API functions, such as Visual Basic and Visual C/C++.
Use the installed diagnosis program to check whether the board and driver software work normally, thereby you can
confirm that they have been set up correctly.
For details, refer to the help file. The help file provides various items of information such as "Function Reference",
"Sample Programs", and "FAQs". Use them for program development and troubleshooting.
< Operating environment >
Support OS
Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows NT,
Windows Me/98/95
Support Language
Visual C++ Version 6.0, 5.0, 4.x, 2.0
Visual Basic Version 6.0, 5.0, 4.0
Visual C++ .NET
Visual Basic .NET
Borland C Version 5.0, 4.5x
Borland C++ Builder 6.0, 5.0
Borland Delphi 6.0, 4.0 3.0
The newest driver and download service (http://www.contec.com/apipac/) of difference file are also offered.

Library for digital I/O boards API-DIO(LNX)

It is free download service of the driver for Linux. The API-DIO(LNX) is a library for controlling our digital I/O
board in Linux.
API-DIO (LNX) offers the function group for controlling our digital I/O board by shared library and the driver of module
Fundamental functions, such as input and output, interrupt, trigger function and timer function are offered.
It configure the device to be used by the setting program (config) and the setting file.
A configuration program outputs the setting file that makes easy to execution environment, a driver starting script and a stop script.
The source code for user interrupt processing is included and used with a driver.
You can download updated driver software and differential files as well as sample programs available in several